Thursday, 1 December 2016

N&R: November is a quiet month

I didn't bother posting updates for the last two weeks, as there wasn't much new worth talking about. It's still the same for the last week, but though I'd better give a quick summary for the rest of November.

Fuji - A new X100F is expected to be announced in February next year, and can even see a low-res screen image of it, but is still expected to use the same old 23mm f2 lens.
Nikon - a D5600 has been announced outside of USA, but doesn't seem to offer any compelling features over the D5500.

Elinchrom - Their micro 43's compatible Skyport can now work with Panasonic cameras as well as Olympus.
Godox - Godox have announced a small flash for Sony cameras, the TT350S,  with an in-built radio trigger.

So, a very quiet month. Maybe there won't be another update here until January at this rate!

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