Wednesday, 30 November 2016

366 Project Month Seven - Footloose and fancy free

The end of June was a milestone, I was halfway through my 366 project. But, rather than feeling a sense of pride or accomplishment, I was tired. I felt in a rut, and I wanted to quit.

I thought by this stage of the project that it would become easier, that I’d be able to spend less time per day dedicated to this task.  However, it doesn’t seem to get easier at all. I often find myself outside with camera at the ready; trying to find inspiration. Trying to find something that moves me and I want to share.

And this is why I feel I needed to continue. I haven’t yet achieved my goal. Not the easily quantifiable goal of taking and sharing 366 photos, but the goal of improving my photography. Although I haven’t made any quantum leaps (that I could identify) in my photography, I have noticed two things.

Firstly, there are more photos in my July set I’d be happy to have on my wall than in my January set. The second thing is that I’m much less likely to make a technical mistake. I’m more likely to nail exposure and focus than I was in January. A lot of this is just gaining familiarity with my cameras and their strengths and weaknesses.

If it weren't for this project, I never would have gone out into the rain and taken this shot

So, given my mood, I decided to have no theme for July. I just wanted to be footloose and fancy free with no given topic, and no particular camera or lens. Just wanted to try out one of my new lenses a little, and have some fun.

Alpaca Energy!
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If you want to follow along in my journey, you can see how my 366 project is progressing on Instagram: @andrew366

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