Thursday, 19 May 2016

News and Rumour Thursday: Samsung, Sigma for Pentax, Sony and Elinchrom

In this week's summary:
  • Samsung - a new firmware available for the NX1 and NX500 cameras.
  • Sigma -  offers fix to prevent some of their lenses from scratching the new Pentax K-1.
  • Sony - sensor production expected to resume by end of the month, and rumored pricing on the new GM 70-200 f/2.8.
  • Elinchrom - The new Skyport HS for Sony has been tested in the real world.


I thought I wouldn't have any need to mention Samsung in this blog again, but I was wrong. It seems Samsung have released a new firmware for the NX1 and NX500 cameras to fix a Bluetooth issue with phones on the new Android 6 OS. Unfortunately for those who have bought into the Samsung system, there is no evidence of them continuing to develop new cameras and lenses.

DPReview:  Samsung offers NX1 and NX500 firmware updates


Sigma have responded to reports of some of their lenses leaving a scratch mark on the new Pentax K-1 full-frame camera.

DPReview: Sigma offers part replacement to prevent lenses scratching Pentax K-1


Good news for the camera world at large is that Sony's sensor production factory in the Kumamoto region of Japan is set to restart sensor production this month. This has reportedly impacted on many other manufacturers who use Sony sensors, including delays in the Nikon  DL camera range and the Olympus E-PL8 release.

DPReview: Sony expects to restart image sensor production by end of month

Meanwhile, a Sony rep has revealed that the expected price of the Sony G-Master 70-200 f/2.8 is expected to be slightly more than the existing 70-200 f/4 - which would make it over $3,000USD in the USA.


John Wilhelm has been experimenting with the new Elinchrom Skyport HS for Sony - which is not yet available in stores - but is a sign it is coming soon. However, there was no mention or not if the AF Assist beam worked with the Sony A7RII, but it would seem impossible due to Sony's own poor decision to not send the signal required to triggers/flashes.

There's still no sign of the Phottix Odin II which was reportedly coming in April and teased again at the start of March.

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