Thursday, 12 May 2016

News and Rumour Thursday: Canon, Pentax & Olympus

In this week's summary

  • Canon release a new EF-M Macro lens with an integrated ring light, plus a new 600EX flash
  • Pentax's new K-1 sensor is scoring amazing results over at DPReview
  • Olympus has a new macro lens coming, but the E-PL8 has been delayed.


Canon have an interesting new lens for their mirrorless offerings, a 28mm Macro with a built in ring light. However, I think more of their user base will be interested in the mark 2 of their top of the line 600EX flash, with boosted recycle times.


The Pentax K-1 has been put through its paces at DPReview, with some simply astounding results. When talking about the combination of the sensor with the pixel-shift technology, Richard Butler writes:

"The multiple sampling of the same scene effectively gives a 2EV dynamic range boost, meaning it out-performs both the D810 and the 645Z by a comfortable margin."
Considering the relatively low price of the Pentax K-1, this could be amazing camera for landscape photographers.

DPReview: Pentax K-1 Pixel Shift shows impressive early results


43 Rumors report a new 30mm macro will be coming later this year from Olympus. They've also reported that the E-PL8 release has been delayed due to the Kumamoto earthquake in Japan.

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