Thursday, 14 January 2016

News and Rumour Thursday - Fuji, Micro43s, Nikon, Samsung and Sony

In this weeks summary:

  • Fuji: X-Pro2 is just hours away! Meanwhile, there is a new product that lets you use Nikon TTL flashes with Fuji cameras.
  • Micro 43s: New telephoto options, f/1.2 primes and a new Pen camera from Olympus with a built in viewfinder.
  • Nikon: newly announced D5, D500 and the SB-5000 wireless flash.
  • Samsung: More evidence they are exiting the photography arena.
  • Sony: Finally a proper ttl cable option!
Finally - a proper TTL cable for Sony Multi-interface shoe


The Fuji flagship X-Pro1 replacement is to be announced with 24 hours!

Fuji Rumors: 24 Hours Left and we Still Know Nothing about the Fujifilm X-Pro2 :: Japanese estimated price leaked

In other news, Lighting Rumours has reviewed the RoboSHOOT - flash triggers that support Nikon flashes to be fired from a Fuji camera.

Lighting Rumours: RoboSHOOT review: hybrid TTL flash trigger for Nikon/Fuji

Micro 43s

It is rumoured that, at end of January, Olympus will announce the Pen-F. This is rumoured to have a 20mp sensor, and the latest in high-res viewfinders from Epson. If true, which it seemingly is, this would be the first Olympus Pen to have a built in viewfinder, moving it to a direct competitor to the Panasonic GX8. I just hope the size will be more similar to a Panansnic GX7.

43 Rumors: First image of the new PEN-F

Rumor also has it that Olympus will be releasing a series of F/1.2 primes. At the reported weight of 400g each, these primes would be pushing into full-frame territory. Still, more choice for users is always good.

43 Rumors: Olympus will go for the f/1.2 primes (around 400g weight and very fast autofocus)

Meanwhile, Olympus and Panasonic both released new telephoto lens at CES. Pansonic released a Leica badged 100-400mm f/4-6.3 zoom, and Olympus released their 300mm f/4 in their Pro range. it is interesting to note that Olympus used in lens stabilsation, to be complemented by their IBIS enabled cameras.

43 Rumors: Olympus and Panasonic new lens tests and videos roundup!


Nikon has made big news at the recent CES 2016 show with the release of the D4's successor, the D5, but more surprisingly, the D500. The D500 is the long awaited, but unexpected, D300 replacement. Built with the same kind of body as a D810, but with an APS-C sensor. With Nikon's auto-focus engine, it's clearly aimed at sports and wildlife shooters.

Also new from Nikon was the announced SB5000 - their first radio triggered flash.

DPReview: Hands-on with Nikon D500
DPReview: Hands-on with the Nikon D5
DPReview: Making (radio) waves: Nikon releases SB-5000 Speedlight


It's not a good time to be a Samsung user. There has been even more confirmation that a buy-out of their camera division by Nikon is a hoax, and even more companies and regions seem to no longer stocking Samsung gear.


Although more and more 3rd party flashes have become available for the relatively recent Sony multi-interface shoe (which every new Sony camera uses), there has yet to be any 3rd party ttl cables supporting it without adapters. Luckily for Sony users, that is about to change. B&H House Brand Vello, has got a pre-order option for a dedicated ttl cable!

Vello Off-Camera TTL Flash Cord for Sony Cameras with Multi Interface Shoe (3')

Before this, Sony users were forced to use adapters to the old Minolta shoe, or purchase two Sony FA-CS1M Off-Camera Shoes and a Sony FA-MC1AM cable. Interestingly, B&H now lists the cable as discontinued - which would mean Sony offers no ability for TTL cables except through Minolta shoe adapters.

Delivery is scheduled for mid-February, but only in 3' foot length for now. Hopefully they will soon also produce longer versions.

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