Friday, 8 January 2016

Welcome to PSelect

PSelect has one main purpose: to curate the most interesting and educational posts from other photography sources.

All the photography blogs I have subscribed to seem to have too few gems among the stones. They'd include incredibly insightful or educational posts, but you'd struggle to find them between reviews of bags, photography business tips, the latest drone incident, and oh so many time-lapses. I'd struggle to keep up with my rss feed even after dismissing so many articles by title alone.

As photographers, we're always told to edit down the images we show. But it seems in the effort to drive clicks, and therefore advertising revenue, to their sites, this approach sadly isn't taken by many major photography sites with the articles they post.

This blog also has a secondary purpose, to give me a place to write down and formalise some of my ideas on photography.

So, the reality is that this blog is a very personal project: a place to curate my own ideas and articles I find useful on photography. Hopefully others find it useful. If so, that's a bonus!

Mission statement:
- No more than one post a day.
- No articles for the sake of posting regular updates.
- No clickbait - concise and clear article titles.
- No 'Behind the scenes' videos which don't contain educational information.
- No promises this won't change in future.

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