Thursday, 21 January 2016

News and Rumour Thursday - Fuji, Micro 43s, Sony and more

In this weeks summary:
  • Fuji: X-Pro2 is out, but Fuji have also announced a new lens and flash.
  • Micro 43s: More about the new Pen-F.
  • Sony: The Sony RXR1 Mk 2 production resumes, A6100 is nearly here, plus a new FE lens.
  • MaxCurves: A new ios application around editing images through curves.
  • PetaPixel: Now offering sponsored posts for advertisers.


As well as the X-Pro2, Fuji have announced a long telephoto zoom and a weather sealed flash.

Micro 43s

More images of the new PEN-F, expected t be announced at end of the month.

Other posts include size comparisons created by users - it's looking a big bigger than I was personally hoping for.


Sony has finally revealed the reason the RX1R II production was halted - it was due to the possibility of light leaks when using the pop-up EVF. There is also a list of serial numbers possibly affected by this issue. Cameras that might be affected have serial numbers between 6310198 and 6311127.

If you're looking to check yours yourself, someone on Flickr has demonstrated the issue and how they tested it.

Meanwhile, Sony Alpha Rumors is reporting not only that the A6100 will be announced at the start of February, but also a new fast FE prime, their bet being an 85mm f/1.4. If so, would be an interesting comparison to the Batis 85. There is also remoured for an 18mm Batis to be released next month.


Recently editing a large number of photos on my phone, I've been yearning for a good application that offered curve adjustments. (I've been using Snapseed). Fortunately for Apple users, there is a new interesting app that is all about curves, and can even integrate with Photoshop.

I hope there is an Android alternative on the way.

The other thing that piqued my interest is that PetaPixel now seems to be accepting sponsored posts.

The good thing that they did was to declare this as 'Sponsored' right in the title of the post. In days where some other sites seem to be getting lots of free products to review, I think this is better. It lets readers know in no uncertain terms that they are reading an advertisement, rather than an article with intentional (or unintentional) bias.

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