Thursday, 6 October 2016

N&R: Sony A6500 with 5-axis stabilisation rumoured to be coming soon

Well, the big rumour this week is that Sony is about to announce the A6500, which is supposedly an A6300 but with 5-axis IBIS, and the RX 100V.

Gitzo are releasing new legs in their high-end Systematic range.


So, according to rumour, Sony will soon announce an A6500 APS-C mirrorless camera. The main extra feature being reported as 5-axis IBIS.

If true, it could be a nice smaller companion to the those with A7 full frame bodies, but this is what other features I'd like to see before I'd consider buying:

  • Dual-card slots (Sony needs to keep up with Olympus and Fuji in this regard);
  • Touch screen AND/OR a AF point select joystick;
  • Lossless RAW;
  • Better handling of 4K video overheating; and
  • Second dial on front.

Sony, if you can do all this and keep size/weight similar to A6300 (a big ask, I'm sure), you may have a buyer in me. if this rumour is true, it will be expected to sell alongside the A6300, not as a replacement.

No word on what the RX100V brings.


Gitzo have announced new tripod legs in their Systematioc range, which is their top of the line series designed for heaviest and largest cameras.

Google Pixel

If you're after the best phone camera, and trust DxO rankings, then the new Google Pixel just may be for you. According to DPReview:

DxO has already tested the Pixel camera before its launch and with a score of 89 the Google device is the best smartphone ever tested. It takes the top position in the DxOMark rankings ahead of such illustrious competition as the new iPhone 7, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the HTC 10... 
The DxO testers were impressed by the great detail and low noise levels across all light situations. They also found exposure to be spot on and the autofocus to be very accurate, both in still in video mode. You can read the full report on


Lensbaby have announced a new lens, the Lensbaby Trio 28mm f3.5, designed for mirrorless systems (Sony E, Fuji X and Micro 43s). With a twist of the lens, you can have access to three different effects: Twist, Velvet, and Sweet. It is expected to retail for $280USD.

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