Thursday, 13 October 2016

N&R: It's all about Sony again...

Almost immediately after last week's post, the Sony A6500 and RX100V were announced.

I had a wish list of 5 things I was hoping for in order to make the A6500 a buy on my list, did they deliver?

Sony A6500: Wish List vs Reality

Wish 1: Dual-card slots
No dice. Considering the Fuji X-T2 and Olympus E-M1II have addressed this, Sony is really lagging.

Wish 2: Touch screen/AF joystick selector
Delivered! I'm actually pleasantly surprised by this, and didn't really expect it. Unfortunately, it is touch screen only, but is still a huge step in the right direction. This is the first high-end Sony mirrorless camera to give some kind of direct control to adjust focus (you can also use it like a relative track-pad to move focus-point around while the viewfinder is up to your eye).

Wish 3: Loseless RAW
No dice. Poor show Sony, poor show. You have one of the best sensors, but aren't letting users get the very best from it.

Wish 4: Better handling of 4K video overheating
Unknown. However, I would think IBIS would make is worse rather than better.

Wish 5: Second dial on front
No dice. Seriously Sony, why? This is your high-end APS-C camera, give it at least as many dials as the NEX-7.

Will I buy?
So, I only got 1 of my 5 wishes, but it's a big one. Will I buy this camera? Definitely not at launch, but I have strongly recommended my friend who was going to get an A6300 to pick this up instead. The touch-screen and IBIS give it a huge advantage in my mind. It's definitely on my radar, and I might write more about it later.


DPReview hands on

Sony RX100V

So, after the A6500 wows us with a touch screen, maybe the RX100V can add one too and take away the big advantage Canon G7X II has! Nope? Sony, what the ever loving f#@% is wrong with you?!

Sure, you've added damn impressive PDAF and better video specs, but a touch-screen would be a huge incentive to upgrade for users of older RX100 cameras. From DPReview (emphasis mine):
The ability to use phase-detection autofocus while recording 4K video is a benefit, since it reduces the risk of the camera missing focus and having to hunt (and ruining your clips in the process). Sadly, without a touchscreen it's not nearly as useful as it could be.
Perhaps one of the more interesting things is that Sony have announced an underwater housing that is compatible with all RX100 cameras. For me, this would make the RX100 a serious challenger to the Nikon AW1 series, as both have same size sensor with similar limited lens choice for underwater shots.

DPReview hands on
DPReview Real World Sample Gallery

Other Sony News

Reportedly, a new menu layout is coming to all Sony A7II series cameras. Considering all that Sony could do with a new firmware, a new menu layout seems underwhelming.

Also, Sigma have mentioned in an interview they are considering making native FE lenses.


Voigtlander have an M-Mount, an FE-mount and a Nikon AI-S mount lens in development. The 50mm f3.5 m-mount looks funky.

I will be travelling for new few weeks - so apologies if I miss some weeks keeping you, gentle reader, up do date with news and rumours.

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