Thursday, 11 August 2016

News and Rumours: Canon, Nikon, Nissin, Panasonic, Samyang, Sony, Adobe, Eye-Fi and F-Stop

In this week's summary:

  • More about the Canon W-E1 wifi accessory and the 5D Mark IV
  • Nikon has a D3400 on the way
  • Delays in the Nissin i60a, but should you buy?
  • Panasonic is expected to announce two cameras this month
  • Samyang releases another new lens in their summer promotion
  • Sony is rumoured to be busy at work on an a99 replacement
  • Adobe releases a new iteration of Photoshop with some bug fixes
  • Eye-Fi releases some software to extend usage of older Eye-Fi cards, but is it enough?
  • F-Stop abandons the their KitSentry Kickstarter campaign, but doesn't respond to recent reports of company malpractice.

Can the Samyang new lens compete with Sigma and Nikon?


The SD card style wifi adapter is reported to work on DSLRS other than just 7D Mark II, and is expected to retail for $40 USD.

Meanwhile, the Canon 5D Mark IV is expected to be announced in the USA on 25 August, 2016.


Nikon is expected to soon release a new Nikon D3400 with a new 24.2MP sensor.


Although the Nissin i60A is already available for Sony, there are delays expected for all other systems. Fuji can expect this month, Micro 43s next month, and Canon and Nikon users will have to wait until December.

However, given the nasty firmware issues with the Nissin Air System, I am still avoiding this flash even though on paper it's very interesting.


Panasonic is expected to announce two cameras this month. One will be an entry level Micro 43s camera, and the other is expected to be the LX100 replacement with the same sensor and rear screen of the GX80/GX85.


Samyang releases another new lens, a manual focus full-frame 20mm f/1.8. However, some question if it has a place in the market compared to the quite affordable Nikon 20mm f/1.8 and the Sigma 20mm f/1.4.

As per usual,it will be available in every mount including some that don't make much sense like Micro 43s.


Sony Alpha Rumors has reported one of their trusted sources has confirmed an a99 camera is in development:
The replacement of a99 is not dead. Intense development has been done. Not sure about the announcement date yet.
However, given the intense focus they've put into their A7 series cameras and lenses, some Sony shooters are acting a little shy about investing more into the Alpha lens system.

In other Sony news:
Sony has released an A6300 firmware to help address the overheating issue.
Profoto is rumoured to release a Sony trigger for their B1 Air Remote system this year.
Sony is rumoured to be working on a 100mm f/2.8 STF lens to be released this year with autofocus.


A new release of Photoshop is available with some bug fixes.


If you have a Mac and an old Eye-Fi card, you might be able to use it past the end of life announced by the company, but it's still missing most of the functionality it was sold with. It is only available for Mac, with no commitment to a PC version, and only allows transfers from the card to the computer.


Things continue to look dire for F-Stop.

From DPReview:
F-Stop Gear has announced that KitSentry, the bag it sought (and successfully raised) funding for on Kickstarter, will not be brought to market... 
The company's explanation is at odds with a report published in a recent investigative article by Resource Magazine, however, where an insider claims the Kickstarter campaign 'was a sham from the beginning.'

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