Thursday, 4 August 2016

News and Rumors: Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Samyang, Sony/Zeiss, F-Stop and Instagram

In this week's summary:

  • Canon is rumoured to soon release a cheap wifi adapter for the 7D Mark II.
  • Another patent for the rumoured Nikon 19mm tilt-shift lens.
  • The Olympus E-M1 Mark II might feature a brand new sensor.
  • Another week in the Samyang summer blockbusters - this time an actual new product.
  • Some rumoured lenses from Sony and Zeiss for the FE mount.
  • F-Stop bags - is the company in serious financial trouble?
  • Instagram starts to complete with Snapchat.


Canon Rumors are reporting the EOS 7D Mark II will soon see a wifi adapter much cheaper than the current WFT-E7A, called the W-E1.


A new patent has been filed for a Nikon 19mm tilt-shift lens expected to be announced at Photokina.


Not really verified yet, but there is a rumour Sony is producing a brand new sensor for the Olympus E-M1 Mark II. If true, my hopes would be for a 12mp sensor.

A Sony 12mp Micro 43s sensor would be great for 4k video, and could potentially have noise performance and dynamic range on par with the 42mp sensor from the Sony A7RII. This would make me super excited about Micro 43s again!


This week, unlike last time, Samyang have announced a new lens. A 35mm f/1.2 manual focus lens for mirrorless APS-C and Micro43s mounts. There is no pricing or availability announced yet, but it will be released in Sony E, Canon M, Fujifilm X and Micro Four Thirds mounts.


There are two rumours about new lenses for the Sony FE system.

The first is that Zeiss are working on a telephoto Batis to ship this year, possibly a 135mm.

The second is that Sony are working on a STF lens, for which there is currently only a 135mm f/2.8 available for A mount.
Smooth Trans Focus (STF) employs a special "apodization" element that controls the parts of the image that are not in focus. This does not affect the focused part of the image, only what is out of focus, and is set independently from the camera's focus and aperture via the STF ring.

F-Stop Bags

There are serious complaints about F-Stop bags delivering on their last Kickstarter campaign, which has led to some questioning if the entire company will be around for much longer.

There is an informative article on Resource, which has lots of interesting quotes from someone on the inside:
They are millions and millions in debt and as long as the CEO is in charge, the company will not last and will likely be bankrupt in the next year.
If you had an eye on getting an F-Stop bag, just be aware there might be no one around to support the warranty, and I'd be wary of buying from anywhere but a store which already has stock.


Seems Instagram is setting its sights on Snapchat. From DPReview:
Instagram has taken inspiration from Snapchat and launched a new feature called Stories. With Instagram Stories, users can capture numerous videos and photos, alter them with stickers, drawing tools, and by adding text, then post them to a single 'story' slideshow that won't clutter up followers' feeds. Once 24 hours pass, these story posts will disappear...
Instagram says the feature will be rolling out to iOS and Android users across the globe over the next few weeks.

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