Thursday, 24 March 2016

News and Rumour Thursday: Micro43s, Canon, Sony, Adobe and Atomos

In this weeks summary:

  • Micro43s: New cameras and lenses coming
  • Canon: It seems their newest generation sensors have increased dynamic range
  • Sony: Yet another Sony camera, the a6300, suffers from overheating when shooting video?
  • Adobe: A new serach based on image content instead of metadata is coming.
  • Atomos: New versions of their Shogun and Ninja models with much brother screens.


According to 43 Rumors, we're likely to see a new entry level Panasonic camera in April; a new Panasonic Leica premium prime lens announced in April; Olympus to release a 25mm f/1.2 prime mid-year; and an E-PL8 within weeks. Unfortunately, unlike the PEN-F, the E-PL8 will not have a built in viewfinder.

With the discontinuation of the GX7, Micro 43 users loving built in viewfinders in range finder styled cameras will only have the choice of the relatively large PEN-F and GX8, and the tiny, but also discontinued,  GM5. It will be interesting to see what the rumoured GM-7 brings.

43Rumors: New Panasonic G camera, 25mm f/1.2, E-PL8, Olympus action camera, Full Frame.
43Rumors: Panasonic will soon announce a new “Leica” prime lens
digicame-info: First images of the E-PL8 (Japanese)


When it comes to dynamic range and high ISO performance, Canon sensors have been lagging behind the competition. The new Canon EOS 80D seems to go some ways towards addressing this issue.

DPReview: Showing dynamism - EOS 80D breaks new ground for Canon low ISO DR

Still no concrete reports on a 5D Mark 4 or what new features it might bring.


It seems with every exciting Sony camera release, there are reports of overheating when it comes to video.

PhotoRumors: Does the Sony a6300 camera also have overheating issues during video recording?

The larger bodies with smaller sensors from Panasonic seem to be able to offer a much more reliable video experience.


Adobe has now letting users trial new Lightroom features on the web, and there's an interesting new feature which will let you search your images based on image content rather than meta-data. That is, Adobe will analyse your photos and try to identify the subjects based on the image itself.

The catch is, it will only work on images you have synced online.
According to Adobe, the search function lets users search for any photograph that has been synced online using Lightroom on the Web, Lightroom for mobile, or one of the Lightroom desktop applications.
Although unlikely, lets hope when this reaches Lightroom in production, it will be able to work on your own local catalog. This would give Adobe a huge boost against competing products like Capture One, who went some ways to improve their cataloging in Capture One 9.

DPReview: Adobe announces Technology Previews for Lightroom on the Web with subject-identifying Search feature


Atomos have announced new versions of their flagship Shogun and Ninja recorders, called 'Flame'. Main features of these new models is a new, much brighter panel (reportedly 4 times brighter than existing models) which can display 10 stops of dynamic range. Another nice feature is hot-swappable dual batteries.

DPReview: Atomos releases new 'Flame' versions of Shogun and Ninja recorders

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