Thursday, 17 March 2016

News and Rumour Thursday: Instagram Feeds, Canon, Sigma, Sony, Affinity, Elinchrom and Nissin

In this two week summary (sorry I missed last week):
  • Instagram: An end to chronological feeds.
  • Canon: A new (disappointing?) entry level DSLR.
  • Sigma: Their Sony FE adapter offers full AF support unlike any other existing adapter.
  • Affinity: Photoshop alternative coming to Windows.
  • Elinchrom: The real replacement for the Skyport triggers are announced.
  • Nissin: Pricing for the new i60 flash is announced.


I'm a recent conver to Insatgram, just creating an account at the beginning of the year. One of the things I love about it is the simple chronological feeds. Similarly, one of the most confusing things I find, and loathe, with Facebook is their curated feeds. (A little ironic, as I originally considered calling this blog pcurated!)

Well, it appears Instagram is going the way of Facebook, and the cynic inside me says so they can start pushing Facebook advertising models of getting people to pay to have their posts promoted.

I'll wait and see how this pans out, but I may look at alternatives to Instagram (Tumblr?) if this is annoying as I fear. Comments on more popular sites also have similar ghanshing of teeth.

FStoppers: Instagram Announces Curated Feeds
PetaPixel: Your Instagram Feed is About to Change


Canon have announced a new Rebel T6. Internet responds with a collective yawn.


I didn't really look at it much before, but it appears the Sigma MC-11 adapter for Sony FE is much more exciting than I thought. Unlike the adapters from others, the MC-11 allows Sigma lenses (Canon and Sigma mount) to act just like native Sony FE lenses. So, can have full Eye AF, Tracking support, etc on a Sony body with your Sigma lenses.

Unfortunately, it won't work with native Canon lenses, but if you're a collector of Sigma lenses for Canon or, for some reason, Sigma, this is actually quite exciting.

I currently own the Sigma 35mm and 50mm ART lenses in Nikon mount, and currently plan to sell both of these along with my Nikon body. If this adapter existed in Nikon mount, I'd be far more likely to keep them all. If Sigma had an ART lens in the 85mm range, it'd be quite temping to just have a range of Sigma lenses with Canon mount, and could then easily swap between Canon and Sony bodies depending on the particular needs of the shoot.

DPReview CP+ 2016: Sigma MC-11 adapter is world's 1st to offer full range of AF modes on Sony E-mount

Likewise, if you had a need/interest in Fovean sensors, you could looks at using Sigma mount lenses with Sigma's own mirrorless offerings as well as a more traditional Sony FE camera.


Sony have announced their own wireless flash control system is coming. However, with Phottix Odin II's coming soon, and the Nissin AIR System getting new products, it might be a bit later than ideal. The press release only mentions sync speeds of 1/250th of a second, which isn't very good considering for use with the Sony RX1Rii. Especially considering it looks like the trigger has enough clearance not to interfere with the pop-up EVF.

Their is no AF assist beam, which is a shame for Sony A99 users. It's also a shame that Sony mirrorless cameras won't send the signal to flashes to emit the autofocus assist lights! From the comments on the article:
By Rishi Sanyal  (1 week ago)Unfortunately, I don't see an AF assist emitter of any sort on the transmitter in this image of the transmitter from Brian Smith's blog.
A shame if that's true. I really don't get it - one of our own audience members has shown that the red grid emitted by a SB-910 helps the a7R II PDAF system acquire focus faster (or at all) in low light. It'd be such a boon to event photography.
I strongly agree with Rishi on this one. Hopefully, he has enough voice for Sony to take note.

In other Sony news, a rumoured A99 successor is rumoredly delayed.


Affinity Photo is a popular, cheap, alternative to Adobe Photoshop that has only been available on Mac. It's now coming to Windows. If you hate the Adobe subscription model, this combined with Capture One, could provide a pretty compelling alternative to the Photoshop/Lightroom model. Though, maybe not workable for those who use Photoshop plugins.


Elinchrom are doing a lot on the triggering front these days, with the actual successor to the old Skyport system being announced. The new system will use AA batteries instead of built in lithium ion or small hard to find button batteries, and is backwards compatible with existing Skyport receivers.

Like the old Skyports, they ate system agnostic, working on any camera/flash with a standard ISO hot shoe.

The transmitter will be available for $89.99, the receiver for $99.99. They will also be offered as a kit for $139.99
I still would have preferred they made it as a tranceiver. If you want back-ups for a single light set-up, you'll need two triggers and two receivers - rather than just 3 transeivers.


I've been following Nissin i60 release with some interest. It appears it will be released in May 2016 with a price tag of $330USD.

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