Tuesday, 7 March 2017

N&R: Hasselblad, Phottix and Metz

In addition to the news below, there has been some rumours of a new Sigma 70-200 sports lens floating around. However, the original source of the news rates that as a less than 40% accurate rumour.


Hasselblad have announced a 120mm f3.5 macro/portrait lens for their mirrorless X1D. Three other lenses are expected soon as well: a 22mm, 65mm and a 35-70mm zoom. With the availability of leaf shutter 35mm and 95mm equivalent lenses, the Hasselblad is far and away the mirrorless medium format camera I would lean for if I was so inclined.


Phottix have announced a new version of their manual flash trigger, the Ares II. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the ability to set a 4 digit pin, making it less likely that another photographer will inadvertently trigger your lights.


Need a splash-proof video light? Metz has you covered.

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