Thursday, 8 September 2016

News and Rumours: Apple, Canon, Fuji, Hasselblad, Leica, Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma, Sony, Tamron, Zeiss, Metz and FlashQ

In this week summary:

  • The long awaited iPhone 7 Plus gets announced with dual cameras.
  • Stylised images of the new Canon EOS-M5 are leaked.
  • Fuji announces monochrome instax film.
  • Hasselblad will soon announce another medium format mirrorless lens.
  • Leica announce a new 6mm macro lens for their TL mirrorless camera.
  • The three new lenses from Olympus have leaked images.
  • More information on the Panasonic G80/G85 cameras.
  • Sigma announce a new series of Cine lenses.
  • Sony will also soon announce a new cine lens.
  • Tamron announces the previously leaked 15-600mm G2 lens.
  • Leaked images of three new Milvus lenses coming from Zeiss.
  • Metz is teasing a new, smaller flash.
  • The FlashQ Q20 small flash should is expected to be released in Q4 this year.

You read it here first: the LightPix Q20 is expected to arrive this year.


Apple have announced the new iPhone 7 Plus will feature dual cameras. Unlike the Huawei P9, which feature one colour sensor and one b&w sensor, the iPhone 7 features two different focal lengths. According to DPReview:
The larger iPhone 7 Plus model's camera comes with all the iPhone 7 features but adds a second camera module. Next to the standard 28mm module is a 56mm tele-lens with its own 12MP sensor, and this dual cam implementation is predominantly used for zooming... The camera's second headline feature is a shallow-depth-of-field simulation as we've seen it on several other devices before.
What if you want to dual lens feature in the smaller iPhone 7? No luck.


Images of the new Canon EOS-M5 have been leaked, but appear to have gone through a Photoshop art filter. This will be the first mirrorless camera from Canon to have an integrated EVF.


Fuji have announced monocrhom Instax film. I think this is really cool and I feel tempted to play with an Instax camera/printer for first time. It is expected to be for sale from October.


Hasselblad are expected to announce a 30mm lens for their mirrorless X1D at Photokina.


Leica have announced a 60mm f2.9 lens for their APS-C mirrorless camera. Some question the $3,000 price-tag since it is possibly designed and manufactured by Panasonic.


Images (low res) have been leaked of the three new lenses coming from Olympus - showing that 43 Rumors were more accurate than Photo Rumors.


Some possible information about the new camera from Panasonic:
It isn’t an entry level G7/G70 – it’s a step up
Weathersealing and next level Dual IS are the main feature improvements.
4:2:2 8bit recording on SD card!


Sigma have announced a new series of Cine lens for Canon EF, Sony E and PL Mount.

According to DPReview:
Sigma Cine Lenses are weatherproof and designed with an emphasis on optical performance and making the most of high-resolution sensors. An 18-35mm T2 and 50-100mm T2 for the Super 35 format (and APS-C bodies) will be the first introduced. All lenses will be introduced in EF- and E-mounts, with PL versions coming later for each except the 24-35mm T2.2 FF. 
Pricing isn't given at this time; Sigma says the first lenses will be available near the end of 2016 starting with Japan and the US.
However, considering these seem to be existing ART lenses in Cine housing, it'll be interesting to see how well they deal with issues like focus-breathing.

Of much more interest to photographers will be something DP Review user Boeing skipper picked up on:
The cine 85 T1.5 has 14 elements in 12 groups, compared to Sigma's EX 85 f1.4 which has 11 elements in 7 groups.
Looks like the Sigma's 85 f1.4 Art is finally coming.


Sony will soon announce an 18-110mm f4 APS-C lens for E-mount. This should be a much more useful range than the existing FE PZ 28-135mm for Super 35 cameras.


Tamron has announced the previously leaked 150-600mm Di VC G2 lens, as well as new 1.4X and 2X teleconverters.


Images have been leaked of three new Milvus lenses from Zeiss (which are available in Canon and Nikon mount). The new lenses are:

  • Zeiss Milvus 15mm f/2.8
  • Zeiss Milvus 18mm f/2.8
  • Zeiss Milvus 135mm f/2

I still think manual focus lenses make much more sense for Sony A mount considering the manual focus assist aids given by EVF, and the sub-par focus screens in modern DSLR for manually focusing lenses.


Metz has a teaser for a new flash which is supposedly 30% smaller than previous models. Hearing this made me think about the FlashQ Q20.


Back in 2014, the people behind the FlashQ triggers tried to bring their new Q20 flash to production via Indiegogo, but failed to reach their goal.

I've been very interested in a flash this size with a built in radio receiver, so I've been waiting patiently ever since for them to bring this to market. I've now been told they're still in development but planned to launch in 2016 Q4.

Personally, the form factor seems much more portable the the Nissin i40, which is stored in its L shape, and doesn't include a radio receiver.

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