Thursday, 7 July 2016

News and Rumours: Fuji, Eye-Fi, Huawei and Metabones

In this week's summary:

  • Fuji officially announces the already leaked X-T2.
  • Eye-Fi announces they're going to brick most of their product range.
  • Huawei tags a Canon DSLR photo with #HuaweiP9.
  • Metabones releases an updated firmware for their Canon to Sony adapter (yes again).


As expected and rumoured (and leaked), Fuji have announced the Fuji X-T2.

The main points of interest are:

  • Fuji's first 4K video capable camera in their X series;
  • Dual SD card slots;
  • AF joystick selector; and
  • LCD is able to fold out in both portrait and landscape orientations.

According to DPReview, the 4K video is much more impressive than the 1080p they got from X-Pro2. With the addition of the mic input and level monitoring, this is the first Fuji X-Series camera that might interest the hybrid shooter.

The X-Pro2 also received a firmware update, with promised improvements to auto-focus.

This really leaves Olympus out in the cold, as the only player in the serious mirrorless market without a 4K or compelling hybrid shooter/video option.

As a frustrated Sony user, I applaud the dual card slots and AF joystick selector. These are both severely lacking on the Sony A7 cameras, but will reportedly be addressed in their next high-end camera.


It can't be easy for Eye-Fi these days. Almost every camera coming out these days has a capable Wi-Fi solution. (Well, nearly every camera). So, how does Eye-Fi rise to the challenge to keep themselves relevant? With a massive up yours to their existing user base.

Using security concerns as the stated cause, Eye-Fi will enact end-of-life on their Pro-X2 and earlier cards by disabling server access. The affected products are: All original pre-X2 products (Original, Home, Share, Explore, Video Share, Video Explore, Pro), 4GB Geo X2 4GB Connect X2, 8GB Explore X2, 8GB Mobile X2, 8GB Pro X2, 16GB Pro X2, Visioneer X2, Sandisk X2, Eye-Fi Windows desktop software (Eye-Fi Center), Eye-Fi Mac desktop software (Eye-Fi Center), Eye-Fi app for iOS, Eye-Fi app for Android, and Eye-Fi Center web app (

Honestly, after this fiasco and utter contempt for customers, I'm not sure who would ever consider buying an Eye-Fi product again. Existing Eye-Fi users with cameras without Wi-Fi support are now reportedly planning to migrate to the Toshiba Air system.

I'm not sure we'll hear much from Eye-Fi in the future until their eventual closure means the rest of their products stop working.

P.S. Anyone want to buy my 16GB Pro X2?


In the grand traditions of Nokia, Huawei have published an image which would sound like it's from their new Leica camera branded phone, but in fact came from a Canon 5d Mark III with a 135mm f/2 lens.

Their original caption?
"The #HuaweiP9's dual Leica cameras makes taking photos in low light conditions like this a pleasure"
Although they claimed they didn't mean to deceive consumers, it seems hard to see how a photo with that caption wouldn't be perceived as having been taken with the phone in question.


For anyone out there with a Metabones Canon to Sony adapter, they've just released a new firmware. As well as improvements to native E-Mount focusing systems, it seems the big one is to make the prior non-Native behaviour the default.

Still, their other improvements to the Native AF support seems well received, with some users reporting it is now superior to the Sigma MC-11 adapter.

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