Thursday, 2 June 2016

News and Rumour Thursday: Nikon, Olympus, Sony/Zeiss, Nissin and DxO Optics

In this week's summary:

  • Nikon - DPReview reviews the D5, and some early rumours of a new mirrorless system.
  • Olympus - New PRO lenses coming.
  • Sony - Reports next Zeiss Loxia will be telephoto, and delays from earthquake aftermath.
  • Nissin - the new Nissin i60A for Sony has been delayed until August.
  • DxO Optics - DxO OpticsPro 11 has been released with advanced noise reduction.
  • Huawei/Leica - DPReview has reviewed the Huawei P9 camera.

The one touch zoom on the Nikon D5 sounds very convenient for review.


Following on from their positive D500 review, DPReview has also given the D5 their Gold Award. They wrote:

The Nikon D5 represents a more remarkable upgrade to the D4S than its appearance suggests. With a completely revamped autofocus system, the D5 will keep up with just about any subject under just about any lighting conditions. The new sensor offers class-leading low light image quality, especially due to an improved JPEG engine, but Raws aren't the most flexible when shooting high contrast scenes.
It will be interesting to see how they compare it to the Canon 1D-X II when their review becomes available, but thing they did report was:
In a turn of events, Canon's new 1D-X II actually supersedes the base ISO dynamic range of the D5, thought it falls behind at high ISO.
In other news, NikonRumors reports that Nikon will soon announce a new mirrorless camera with a 'large sensor'. Other than that, there is no known information about the new camera, or it will support F-mount lenses or not.


43Rumors has reported that, after the 30mm Macro, the next 2 lenses expected from Olympus are the 25mm f/1.2 and a PRO range zoom.


A reader at SonyAlphaRumors has shown that the next Loxia lens is expected to be 1cm longer than the current 21mm Loxia. This gives more weight to the rumours that the next Loxia with be an 85mm telephoto.

They have also reported that, due to the Kumamoto earthquake, no new Sony mirrorless cameras are expected to be shipped to Australia until late July.


Still with SonyAlphaRumors, and the Nissin i60A for Sony has been delayed until August due to firmware issues. No word on version for other brands.

DxO Optics

DxO Optics have released DxO OpticsPro 11 with advanced RAW noise reduction. Comments over at DPReview seem to be a mixture of praise and scorn for the DxO offering - with one user reporting no real speed efficiency gains. It is also full of complaints from Fuji users that they get no love, and that even the Olympus Pen-F is yet to receive support.

One day, when I have time, I'd like to do a personal test of Adobe Camera Raw vs DFine vs DeNoise vs Noiseware vs Capture One vs DxO Optics Prime. Then again, maybe a site like DPReview should step up to the plate for this one.


A few reviews of the Huawei P9 mobile phone camera are starting to emerge. While DPReview had a mostly positive review of the dual lens camera in the phone (one camera shoots monochrome, the other RGB), they point out that it still in the same league as other camera phones.
I'd be pretty happy if the Huawei P9 camera was the camera I had with me all the time. But the dual camera system hasn't solved the low light troubles inherent to small sensors.
Nelson Tan has also released a review, with similar conclusions, on PetaPixel.

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