Thursday, 18 February 2016

News and Rumour Thursday - Adobe, Canon, Micro 43s, Pentax, Sigma and auto-focus with Leica M

In this weeks summary:
  • Adobe: A fix to stop Adobe from deleting your files.
  • Canon: A prosumer APS-C DSLR and some compacts.
  • Micro 43s: A uninspiring camera from Panasonic and rumours of new Olympus lenses.
  • Pentax: After many years and gnashing of teeth, the full frame Pentax is here.
  • Sigma: Two new lenses are rumoured to be coming this month.
  • Leica M Glass: Can now be auto-focused with Sony cameras.


Adobe released software that would delete your files on a Mac.

Really, there should have been much more outrage then there was over this. From this to recent unwelcome changes (which Adobe begrudgingly undid) in Lightroom and Photoshop, Adobe really needs to have higher quality control if they want people to have faith in their subscription model and regular updates.

Anyway, something that never should have happened is now fixed.


Following on from their 1DX Mark 2 announcement, Canon have announced a new pro-sumer DSLR, the new G7X  Mark II (their premium compact) a new lens and a super-zoom compact.

Micro 43

Panasonic releases the GF8 in Asia and Australia but not US and UK. What exciting features does it have over the GF7? New colours and some updated selfie-specific software. Very disappointing when this probably could have been done as a firmware update to the GF7.

Meanwhile, Olympus is rumoured to be releasing f/1.2 primes later this year. Considering the Panasonic 42.5mm f/1.2 is similar size and weight (but twice the price) of a full frame 85mm f/1.8, I really don't see point of these. Still, if Olympus can pull of a miracle and keep size and weight down whilst having high quality image, it could be an amazing addition to the Micro 43s system. I'm still betting on physics in this contest though.


The Pentax K-1 full-frame DSLR is finally here. And, I must admit, a FF camera with the same sensor, presumably, as the D810 with 5-axis stabilisation for $1,800USD seems like a steal. The only issue, of course, is the lenses. I'm sure it'll excite existing Pentax users, but I find it hard to believe they can get Canon and Nikon converts with it.


Sigma released, then deleted, a teaser for two new lenses to be announced on February 23rd. Looks like it will be one zoom, and one small prime, possibly for mirrorless systems.

Leica M-Mount lenses Autofocus

Honestly, I don't see the point of this. Leica M-Mount glass is sexy for not just their small size, but the lovely lens-porn feel of their manual focus rings. I feel like if you're using M-Mount glass, and not manual focusing it, you're doing it wrong.

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